Trump is NOT the President… yet

Trump will not be the President unless the College elects him on December 19. I am sure that Clinton is already devising a way to buy some of these votes somehow. Right now people reading this are thinking “Wow, that is a whole new level of corruption!  How could you say that about Hillary?”

Basically because I do not think it is a whole new level at all for her.

Basically I am hoping that the election goes well in December and they vote the same way that the people voted. I just want to prepare the world… Trump is President-elect and not the President and still requires another vote.

There is a hilarious video going around and it seems to be spread by liberals and it lists the thing Donald Trump says he will do when he becomes President on January 20… let’s have a quick chat and make some predictions…

1. Obamacare

Trump is repealing it.  Pure and simple he says it is insanely expensive, doesn’t work and can’t be saved. Everyone except Obama and Hillary agree. It will be repealed in February, 2017.

2. Planned Parenthood

This is an organization that was created to manage and direct the population through education and abortion.  That’s right, eliminate or at least minimize the undesirable races in our society by killing their unborn children. Whether you are like Hillary and believe that Margaret Sanger was a savior or not matters little.  We can argue all day if you love Margaret but at the end of the day, she wanted to kill babies to eliminate specific people and she built the first clinic in Brooklyn. If you are not aware, it was not predominantly white in 1916 and still isn’t.

Trump does not believe that taxpayers should be funding abortions as a method of birth control whether it is being used to eliminate blacks and hispanics or not (a recent 4 hour jaunt into statistics would say otherwise).  I have to point out here that NYC is the only city I could find where abortions outnumbered live births and 25 years ago there were 14 cities in America where abortions surpassed live births. We are doing something right, well more right anyway.

Planned parenthood will not stop billing medicaid for killing babies and Trump will de-fund them in Q3 2017.

3. Gun Free Schools and Military Bases

I am still not convinced that this is a great idea but I cannot argue the logic of allowing a teacher to defend a student or themselves.  This will be a struggle but will happen in 2018.

4. Syrian Refugees

He will stop all Syrian Refugees from entering USA. If he goes ahead and builds a solution in the middle east then I am 100% behind the man. If he tells other muslim countries to suck it up and help their fellow muslims then I am 98% behind him.  If he just stops taking them in and does nothing to help them somewhere else I am likely only 30% behind him.  I believe that the USA has an obligation since they created this whole mess for Europe and the middle east.


Refugees will stop entering the USA before the end of February, 2017, possibly before the end of January in his first 10 days of President.

5. Supreme Court

Trump will appoint a pro-life conservative to the supreme court. This will happen in his first 30 days, for sure before the end of February, 2017.

6. Pipelines

Obama will get the Keystone XL pipeline back on track. You can likely see another blog post on this because I love attacking Social Justice Warriors, especially when they are paid to call themselves environmental activists. These people are the biggest hypocrites on the planet and they need to be called out for who they are so that people who don’t know the facts can see these ass-hats for who they are and what they stand for.

There are no downsides for the US to move forward so the pipeline will be approved be the end of February, 2017. I might have to agree with my friend John, a commercial real estate guru with decades of experience in the energy sector and say that Keystone will be back on track in the first 10 days… before the end of January, 2017.


What killed me about this video was that after watching it all I was stunned to see that they were following it all with some stupid hashtag that claimed that these things were going to be bad for America. What on earth is bad about Americans

  • being able to afford healthcare,
  • not killing their own children (or more specifically, killing the minorities in America),
  • doing something to stop shootings at schools,
  • protecting their borders,
  • having a balance in the supreme court and
  • encouraging local energy and creating tens of thousands of jobs?

I am not sure how, but liberals think these are all bad things. I have been trying very very hard to understand liberals but maybe liberals need to do to liberalism what they do to everything else and call it a disease.

Can someone invent a drug to cure these people so we can carry on with living a normal life without all the whining and road blocks… a pill that would wake up Social Justice Warriors would be priceless and I would vote to put some public funding down that path.



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