Our new ring road and stupid laws collide!

Slow Moving Vehicle Placard

Slow Moving Vehicle Placard

Edmonton and Calgary are both reaping benefits of new ring roads that allow travel around the entire city in a short time but sometimes I feel like they were built for construction companies and not the residents.  Every morning I have to slow down for 10 minutes to pass a couple of loaders on their way to remove snow from the next mall on their route.  Who are these companies that think it is acceptable to have their employees stop rush hour traffic trying to travel at 100 Km/h (62 mph)?  The block off a lane doing 20 Km/h on a highway! Another question, why does the government allow it?  So long as a vehicle has flashers and a slow moving placard on the back, it is allowed on Alberta highways.  It can be going 20 Km/h so long as the flashers are on.  I am doing 110 Km/h and I am coming up on something with flashers!  By the time I realize that I am doing 5 x the other vehicle’s speed it is a fight for my life to slow down in time.  God help the people behind me that didn’t see the flashers.

How would you like to hit this?

How would you like to hit this?

Now today I see the worst example of public stupidity…  7:00 am, two city construction vehicles block off a lane and back-up 10,000 vehicles for 30 minutes.  They must have had a great reason you would think right?  Maybe something was a danger ahead that had to be repaired?  How about another idiot takes out a sign and they had to get out in the rush hour traffic to repair it.  It must have been an important sign eh?  Nope.  Just a speed limit sign.  I had to stop and take a picture with my phone because I was stunned that people could be so ignorant.

216 on the way to work this morning

216 on the way to work this morning

Typically I love construction workers.  I hate that careless drivers blow by them at stupid high speeds.  There is no reason to risk an emergency worker’s life so that you are 2 minutes earlier to your destination.  Some people need to lose their licenses for a few months to learn a lesson.  Courtesy and respect dumb-ass!  But then every once in a while I just think they need to be smacked in the back of the head.  Wake up guys!

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