Five Reasons I will Never Have Postings with Lists

I have read a lot of blogs about what makes a blog successful.  Most of the things I have agreed with, and then done something different.  Not because I don’t want my blog to be popular and stuff, but because I am different.  It kinda defines me.  Of all the blog advice, I can’t think offhand of a single post that didn’t promote “the list” posting.  People love lists!

Rule #1 on my blog is “NO LISTS”.  I have a couple of problems with these lists, five actually, and this is why you will likely never see a list on my blog…

1. Lists seem so self-serving

making-a-listI have shopping lists all over my house.  My wife has that fun-loving personality that loves making lists.  I can’t remember ever having one at a grocery store but that is part of the fun isn’t it?

If ‘Lists’ make blogs so popular, and everyone seems to think they are some golden key to success, you should get good at making lists.  Once I do this, which I am sure I could, I would be writing my blog for what would bring readers in and not for what it is truly for… it is an open venue for me to spew the crap that my wife is tired of hearing about.  She has been my blog sounding board for decades and she really appreciates you all for taking her place… well both of you anyhow.

2. My entire blog is a big list

I am trying to restructure my Categories on the left margin because it has occurred to me several times that rather than putting lists in my posts, I have been using my posts as lists.  You won’t find a posting here with 101 ways to keep your man happy but you might find 101 posts that each talk about how to keep your man happy.

3. They are often too long and very difficult to get through

Let’s face a simple fact.  There are not 101 ways to keep a man happy.  There may be a couple sub-steps you could take based on his personality (and yours) and how your Love Languages inter-mingle, but ladies, if you are feeding your man and taking an aspirin to make sure you don’t have headaches at night, you are pretty much Golden!

3D man reading longl list.We could expand on these two items… maybe add some sub-categories… but basically, my 101 posts will be talking about food and sex to one degree or another.  We are very simple creatures which women just don’t get because women are as simple as trying to memorize the details of a periodic table written in white ink in a dark room.

4. They are seldom complete

I can’t remember the last time I read one of those lists and didn’t think about 3 things they forgot to put in it.  I mean the lists are basically a personal take on a question and how that individual solves it.  A hundred people could find a hundred different ways to answer the same question.

I don’t remember what #5 was so we can just skip it.

If Rule #1 on my blog is that I have no lists, and if the 1st Rule of Rules is that ‘every rule has an exception’, then it is feasible that there might be a list on my blog at some point in the future.  We won’t count the guest-post on SB’s blog because it can’t really be considered self-serving if it serves to get views and followers for someone else’s site.

While I won’t rule out the possibility of me writing a blog with a list for my own site in the future… I wouldn’t hold your breath.


Oh, I remember what number five was… too many lists end up sounding ironical to me… and I hate irony. And sarcasm.

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