I’ve Made a Choice

Well me wife has been bugging me to post some poetry.  I know, I don’t talk about poetry and many of you think I am nuts, but I love the stuff, always have.

I’ve Made a Choice

I am happy to say that I finally found
Something I just can’t live without
But that which I hold so close to my heart
That my wanting is never in doubt

It is you of which I speak right now
Though you are not something I need
Instead I find myself wanting you
And my wanting verges on greed

I promise to never fall in love with you
Because ‘falling’ implies a mistake
Instead you will find that I choose to love you
While your memory keeps me awake

I want you more than anything else
Nothing even comes close to compare
There are some things that I need like I want you
Some things like water and air

Just like them I can’t imagine
Living without calling you a friend
Maybe not always to hug or to hold
But a companion no less in the end

Your thoughts being sunshine to rainy days
So please be happy and rejoice
There is someone out there thinking of you
Not by falling but by choice

Shayne Neal – 1998-04

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