Christmas Protest

Well, Lockdown v2.0 seems to be taking off fast. Many people think it will be useful since Covid-positive cases are on a dramatic rise.

I have a simple fix for that. Stop testing healthy people. If everyone who knew someone who had the flu got tested we would have the highest number of flu cases per-capita in the world too. It wouldn’t make us any unhealthier though.

If everyone who knew someone with cancer got tested, our cancer numbers would be the highest in the world. We would still not be unhealthier. It would be evidence that we were testing healthy people with no symptoms for diseases that we would never suspect them of having… but our numbers would skyrocket.

There is no doubt in my mind that the evidence clearly indicates that Covid-19 is nowhere near as dangerous as people are making it out to seem. Statistically, nobody is dying from it. There are a dozen more significant causes of death that we live with, but for Corona we are willing to let our governments take away our businesses, our livelihoods, and our basic rights and freedoms. This is a very sad state of affairs when we destroy our country in the name of a virus when our lockdown procedures are hugely worse for the people than the virus itself.

Even though I would really love to have some conversations about Covid, I am going to restrain myself, but why are Covid numbers still going up over 12 months after the first case but every other disease is counted in annual cycles. It works for your narrative if you want to make the disease look worse than it is I suppose.

Instead of using common sense, we are living in a world where the media and government are conspiring to destroy the freedoms that normal people would fight to protect. Today we are living in a world where the media is lying to the people every single day. That bothers me a lot. I have been complaining about the utter disappearance of journalistic integrity for many years but this new “fake news” where the media creates stories or outright lies about our world.

Governments are removing peoples’ liberties in countries where people typically aren’t known to protest their government… but… they are and the media is lying about it.

This isn’t France, where revolution has defined a country. In London yesterday, over 10,000 people rallied against mask and lockdown laws which are crippling the economy and people’s ability to support their families.

The London police actually beat old people yesterday. I don’t understand how they will justify this horrific action but I suppose I could turn on CNN later to find out. I just don’t understand how the media can call these people “violent” with a straight face?


I have watched hours of video today and not found a single violent act.

Is this the picture of “violent protestors” to you?


Is this the picture of “violent”

How about this guy? Doesn’t he just scream “violent criminal” to you?


Of all the video I watched, I enjoyed this one the most, when a large crowd cheered on a young man fleeing arrest and the cameraman was passing the police… but be warned that it has some shocking video of twenty police surrounding one lone man being attacked and choked by several officers.


Here is the problem. All these peaceful protestors are called “violent” in the media and arrested. This is being promoted as illegal…

I feel for police. It must feel horrible to know that the people hate you for standing against the freedoms that their country is supposed to protect.

But some of these gatherings have been promoted for years by both Obama and Canada’s Justin Trudeau, as healthy for democracy… and both have funded far-left organizations that have funded AntiFa (Anti First Amendment) and BLM (Black Lives Matter – but not to Black Lives Matter). To these governments, if your protest looks like this, the police will just watch…

So with that in mind, I wanted to let me family and friends know that I don’t want to break the law this holiday season, but I also want to spend time with my family. So, we have cancelled our family Christmas party. We are instead, attending a protest rally.

Merry Christmas everyone!

One response to “Christmas Protest

  1. The invite is pretty funny After the pic of 2 cops on bicycles i think it should say “legal”? not illegal

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