Customer Service Fail

This seems like a very poor time to be providing horrible customer service.  I understand that businesses are struggling right now but those in the service industry have it the hardest.  At any other time I would be switching providers without hesitation, but today I am wondering if the horrible service that TD is providing in St. Albert is the same as every bank.

I get that they struggle, but I struggle to keep my business going too and I rely on solid banking services to help me. Today I stood in light rain for 10 minutes outside the bank.  Not my branch, because it has been closed since the Covid-19 thing started and someone thought it was less risky to force the customers from three branches into one branch with reduced hours.  I asked a customer leaving the bank, how long the line was inside the bank and he smiled and said “39 minutes from the time you get out of the rain”.

39 minutes from the time you get out of the rain

I am sorry TD but you make way too much money to be treating your customers like this.  At the end of all this, there will be huge government bailouts for banks, airlines, and Bombardier.   I will likely be switching banks to someone who treats everyone better but especially business clients, as I have tight schedules during the day and now I have to get someone else to go stand in line this week.

I maybe could have done my banking online but I need to talk to someone on the phone first and your automated telephone system starts by saying that there will be added delays due to short staffing due to Covid-19.  I understand and prepare to sit on hold. Three minutes later I am hung up on.  I don’t remember what it said, I was kinda just waiting for a real person to ask me what I needed.

So I call right back, enter a bunch of numbers again and 2 minutes and 20 seconds later, I am told, “We are currently experiencing high call volume and are unable to assist you at this time.”  And I get hung up on again.

We are currently experiencing high call volume and are unable to assist you at this time.

Do you think that might have something to do with you laying off all those bank employees due to Covid-19? How many Billions of dollars do you need to make this year before you are willing to serve your customers as we have come to expect?  How much would you be willing to cut back your earning projection to NOT force customers to wait in the rain, and maybe not lose so many customers in the very near future?

Quick poll for you:

Next bank please.

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