Saving children. Drinking lemonade. Free airfare.

You are probably wondering what on earth that title means. Well, two amazing young ladies in my hometown have been running a lemonade stand for the past 7 years and they are doing it again next month. All the money they raise goes to help the Stollery Children’s Hospital.


So now you get the saving children and the drinking lemonade, but the free airfare caught your eye and you still don’t see how it fits…

For their 8th Annual Lemonade Stand, these girls have got the Stollery to put their donations online and they are giving away a pair of Westjet tickets to fly anywhere. They are selling raffle tickets for $2 each and they only have 2500 tickets so if you want in on the airline tickets you need to get your credit card out and go to the donation page… and you need to do it before the donations hit $5000.  If the donation amount is over $5000 you can still make a donation, you just missed your chance to win the free airfare.


Now why am I posting this to my blog you wonder.  Why not just share it on Facebook or something. I mean the girls have a wonderful Facebook page. Of course you really have to dig to find out when to go and actually buy a lemonade but maybe that was their point.  Sneaky eh?

8th Annual Lemonade Stand
July 10-16 from 11:00-6 pm
Sobeys in Namao Centre, 9611-167 Ave!

My donation just put them over $900 which leaves a whole lot of tickets for you to get in on. You are probably wondering why I am being so nice and trying to get you a free pair of tickets to Disneyland or something… maybe it is so you can get away from the world for a needed vacation. You are probably a little perplexed because you know that I am not that nice of a person.


© Trevor Carl –

So here is the catch…

First off, I have way more international readers of my blog than Facebook friends, so the tickets might come in handy for a fair number of you (I blame this mostly on McDonald’s getting rid of their Cinnamon Melts and the insane number of views that post is getting)…

Secondly, my intention is mostly selfish (and now it makes sense to you right?).  If you win the tickets, you can use them to come to Edmonton and visit us? I know you probably weren’t thinking of using them to fly up here but now you are questioning ‘why not?’  I mean Edmonton rocks and if you get the tickets in July you will be able to come meet the awesome girls who started this Lemonade Stand!


Yah they have pretty cool parents too but if you aren’t an Elvis fan you might not make it past the front door. Lisa seems to really like the King.  I think she has been to Memphis more than I have been to Disneyland.  As crazy as that sounds eh!

Stacey on the other hand, will welcome just about anyone willing to share a bottle of whine and talk about her crazy husband. Stacey would be my wife if you didn’t know.

But you still don’t know where to go to donate do you?

Click on this link to the Stollery donation page and be generous. I would appreciate it and so would these young ladies trying to hit their $20,000 goal this year.  They have donated $50,000 to the Stollery over the past 7 years combined, so this is a lofty one-year goal. Give from your heart and maybe you will get a nice warm feeling inside… maybe a free flight for two… and maybe even some bigger surprise?

So in case you are wondering, Westjet flights from Kansas City run about $500 each… so that $2 ticket just saved you almost $1000. It is Canadian so the flights are probably closer to US$200 but then the $2 ticket is in Canadian too so they are almost free.  You might as well get online right now and buy 100 of them! Taylor and Sydney will not be upset with you.

And what could be your bigger surprise that I mentioned? If you win the airline tickets and if you fly up to visit us, I will take you out for a nice dinner too… but let me know when you book your tickets for so I can have Stacey find some coupons for A&W or KFC or something. All the ones in my car are expired.



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