Limiting a person’s speech can never help freedom.

In order to stop these radical islam imams from preaching jihad and hate and spreading radicalization of islam, we need politicians to make some changes!

  1. make a law designed to prevent and combat hate speech and speech inciting violence.
  2. allow the police to lay charges against any people who incite hate speech directed at any group or individual including groups based on race, sexual orientation, gender, language, social condition and political conviction.
  3. introduce fines of $1000 – $10,000 for first offenders and up to $20,000 for second offenses.
  4. publish a list of hate-speakers online to publicly humiliate them as a deterrent to prevent the hate speakers before-hand.

So this would allow police to fine any imam talking about hate against non-muslims. many of these laws already exist but we are blurring the lines now about the definition of “hate speech”

Yes it would give the police almost unlimited power (like British police have already) to arrest people for anything they find offensive.

The problem is, it would also allow the police to fine me for writing this blog.


“Racism is bad and the KKK is an oppressive group of racists and bigots and I don’t believe that our ‘advanced’ western society has any place for them”.   Would you disagree with me?  Not many wouldn’t, outside of the racist bigots.

Did I lie?  Not in my mind.  Anything that a journalist writes can be defended legally if it is “true” and “in public interest” (I am not a journalist).

Many of you know me and are wondering where this liberalism is coming from.  Is Shayne actually promoting the elimination of freedom of speech?  Even after writing that wonderful blog post about how the Americans are eliminating it? That adequate one anyway.

Inspirational quote on Racism

Friends, acquaintances, casual readers already thinking this post is too damn long… there is a huge problem with this piece of drivel I have written today .  A huge problem!

Bill 59 is not some fictional idea.  It was introduced to Quebec legislature a year ago and will become law soon if Quebecers don’t stand up to it!

Watch the muslim council of Montreal debate this bill in the Quebec Legislature… I actually love the politicians in the clips… they actually give me hope for the province…

I have two quick comments before I let you stew in your disgust at the thought of Canadians waving goodbye to freedom of speech (many of you are still reeling from bill C51).

  1. Comments like “Djihadism, radical Islamic terrorism, is the mortal enemy of democracy. We have to fight it with the weapons that fit the intensity of the threat” and “I hate sovereignists” would each net you up to $10,000 fines, actually if you did them both, the second one could be up to $20,000.  Both were statements made by Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, Bill 59’s biggest supporter.
  2. Many muslim organizations want bill 59 but I have not been able to find another advocate online… the LGBT community that was represented was not a fan, the Jewish people in the room were not a fan, maybe we have to get Ezra Levant to search for some lovers of this Bill… if there are any, Lord knows that Brian Lilley has tried.

So what does it say that the politician who is backing this bill is too stupid to see how it can be used against his own documented words and that Muslims are the only group (and many muslim groups are backing this) in favor of this wonderful bill?

It says to me, that this bill is simply not Canadian!


On another note, as soon as this bill is passed we can start using it to outlaw islam.  This law would make the quran itself illegal as this blog is not long enough to post every word of hatred in that book and it is rife with inciting violence.

If anyone wants to read the bill for yourself… here you go… it is only 20 pages… or download the PDF right here… 15-059a


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