Notley Lies About Fort McMurray Response!

So Brian Jean, the leader of the official opposition in Alberta, lives in Fort McMurray and he has taken Premier Notley to task over the cuts to the firefighting budget.

Why do these people insist on making cuts where people’s lives are in danger?

We have access to the same number of tankers and the same amount of equipment that we had before and we will use that and more if necessary Mr. Speaker because we are concerned about getting the job done in Fort McMurray.

While I agree the cut was only $15M in real dollars, they have cancelled air tanker contracts and that is a fact. Alberta has 27% less air tankers on the ground ready to fight a fire than we had 2 years ago. They are NOT using all resources that are available and this hadn’t changed as of the destruction of Brian Jean’s family home in Fort McMurray.

I know this is not the time for this rant but while Brian fights for the lives of his neighbors, someone needs to ask the Premier if she will step up and apologize.  Will she fix this immediately?  Get the bombers in the air Premier! If you want to know what class looks like Rachel, check out Jean’s interview here.

What will it take to wake this premier up?

Is there any precedence in asking another province to assume control if the neighboring premier get caught lying her ass off?  Brad?

For those socialists out there that just can’t admit that your fearless leader is a lying sack of shit, here is a post by the owner of a company that she claims to have these contracts with for air tankers (Conair, another large contractor, is the group whose tender was cancelled a week ago)…


…we have offered one of our C-130s that could be made available immediately to the Alberta Government however, they currently do not see a need for it…


Based on the fact that no government has any interest in the aircraft fighting fire, we have decided to take the Mars to the Oshkosh Airshow…

Is this government really going to let the biggest water bomber in the world fly over us to go to an airshow while Fort McMurray burns?

Photo: Steve Bosch (Vancouver Sun)

Photo: Steve Bosch (Vancouver Sun)

I can not wait to see what the price tag of this plane is.  How much could it be worth to save the city of Fort McMurray?  What kind of lies will she spout to cover up her incompetence?

If you agree with this provincial government in any of their policies, in their hatred of Fort Mac or the Oil Sands, in their obscene fiscal plans, in their handling of the media… well you and I are officially opposing forces.

Her propaganda about global warming has bred idiocy everywhere. Even if you believed in global warming, the industry in Fort McMurray produces less than 5% of Canada’s pollution yet creates up to 18% of the GDP by some estimates.  Since Canada is producing less than 2% of the world pollution, that means that Fort McMurray is responsible for less than 0.1% of the world’s pollution even though it is the third largest oil reserve on the planet.

This twisting by Rachel Notley has bred idiots like this…


Even within the NDP party you can find asshats like Tom Moffat from Lethbridge (a wonderful town tainted by stupidity of one elected official)…


One of St. Albert’s founding members of the local Poliwings chapter (that sounds distinguished eh), said he was blocking anyone who made a comment on Facebook with regards to Karma or Global Warming with relation to Fort Mac.  I made this just for him.  Hope you like it Dana.



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