Alternative Medicine: Scam or Savior

This is being written in response to a facebook post i got caught up in.  This post will have no research just my opinion.  It better take less than an hour to write because I have no time tonight to delve into anything… which is why I left facebook to come here.

Alternative medicine is a hot topic in Alberta in response to a young couple in Lethbridge, Alberta, who lost a child this year because they didn’t trust doctors and tried home remedies to cure a flu. When they realized it was much worse, they went to a naturopath and their child died from meningitis soon after. They were convicted in his death and the debate continues to go wild on Facebook.

Let me be clear  about what I believe based on my own experiences…

  1. doctors all have a god-complex… they get this hammered into them for 7 years of schooling… the doctors that have overcome it are a rare breed for sure
  2. doctors are crazy deceitful in their reporting to cover their butts from malpractice (the judge that presided on my case actually apologized to me for the medical profession)
  3. I still see value in medicine and believe strongly that what doctors know is immensely beneficial to our society
  4. I also believe that western medicine in North America is focused on making money for big pharma by using drugs to cure symptoms but not illnesses
  5. I also see a future where the benefits of alternative medicine will shine much brighter than it does now (I hope this future comes sooner than later)
  6. there is a lot of hocus pocus in Alternative Medicine right now as fads try to jump on the bandwagon, making it difficult to navigate to find something that will work for you
  7. Alternative Medicine is worth investigation for the simple fact that they are trying to cure illness and disease rather than symptoms and it has been that way for thousands of years.


So the discussion on facebook is between myself and people like Dustin…

Dustin Patrick Bizon  You are very wrong. Maria’s comment was utter stupidity as is yours. And for the record, I don’t believe doctors are infallible, in fact I think they should be periodically re-tested. What I know for certain is that homeopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors and the like are completely full of shit and should be required to post massive disclaimers that their quackery has never been proven effective. No go do some reiki

The bold part is the particular stuff that piqued my interest in a conversation with this person. Convincing someone with a closed mind to do anything is like pissing in the wind. I invited him to try some of the “quackery” before his disregarded it or spread his hateful and totally unsubstantiated rhetoric.

Dustin Patrick Bizon Why would I try quackery. It’s quackery and doesn’t work. If I tried it, that would make me stupid. Or should I honestly believe that cracking your back can cure heart disease? Or that re-aligning energies will help with diabetes? Or that water will cure meningitis? Oh wait someone did try that and their child died.

First off Dustin, I am unconvinced that you could become more stupid by trying anything. Where would you get ideas like cracking your back to cure heart disease?  Certainly not from me cowboy.  And that couple (David and Collet Stephan) did not try to cure meningitis with water, they were trying to cure a flu.  They simply waited too long to go to the doctor. Whether they ever would have is another discussion and has no bearing on this conversation.


Dustin Patrick Bizon we certainly are talking about fraud in medicine and pharmaceuticals. Naturopaths know nothing about medicine, and homeopathy is a fraud.

I had to respond to Dustin on that one…

I would agree with the fact that naturopaths dont know much about medicine if anything at all because they focus of curing illnesses… doctors focus on curing symptoms and they do this with medication which they know very well… what doctors know nothing about is nutrition, which is where naturopaths come in.

You are an idiot simply because you are close minded and refuse to see the benefit of alternative medicine. Pills do not fix everything. Even though I love my naturopath, if I had a rash I would go see a doctor. They both have a place in this world. You can call it quackery all you want but your opinion is way too influenced by your closed mindedness to be taken seriously by anyone with intelligence.

And why would you imply that I would ever condone someone trying water to cure anything other than dehydration? I am not stupid or close-minded.

Then Dustin found a sympathetic ear in Cynthia, who was equally as close minded and full of BS…

Cynthia DianaIf you wanna talk about the almighty dollar, just look at how much the alt med industry takes in, with no cures in sight.

I told Cynthia that I was living proof that at least some parts of alternative medicine worked on me. I find it difficult to comprehend that in our world today, with the insanity in the medical community, that some people find it difficult to believe in alternative medicine, the stuff that worked fine for thousands of years before big pharma bought our medical industry.

Cynthia Diana Unless you can prove that you would not have improved on your own, that you took no regular medicines that could have had an effect, your personal anecdote is not compelling evidence.

And this is where I gave up and decided that I needed to blog about this.


So Cynthia, let’s talk about my “personal anecdote” (even though I hate that word).

I hope that you believe that big pharmaceutical companies have changed the face of the medical industry. Honest doctors will agree that medications rarely cure any diseases or illnesses because there is no profit in it. They cure symptoms so that they can build a return and dependent customer base.

You have to understand that traditional western medicine, and it’s inherent human mistakes, is the third largest cause of death in America. When I see someone ignore alternatives to put 100% of their faith in a system that “accidentally” kills over 400,000 people a year, I shake my head at their blind stupidity.

My Story

My personal life can’t prove anything because I am just one person with one set of experiences, but I can happily say that Cynthia and Dustin are both full of crap in their opinions that alternative medicine has no benefits.

In 1996 I had an accident that blew out the bottom disk in my back and separated my right hip. I followed this up in 2005 with a car accident which, because I was wearing a seat-belt almost crippled me for life… but that is another story.

Over the 14 years of recovery I kept plateauing and could never quite get over the next hump without some help. My doctors were great at drugging me into oblivion and at one point the drugs were so strong that I was overdosing once a month and taking a day off work to vomit for 6 hours. I needed the narcotics to mask the pain so that I could actually do what I needed to heal myself over the 14 year recovery but those narcotics got my life insurance cancelled which left me many sleepless nights as well.


My GP, sent me to a chiropractor to try something called ART because he knows that the drugs he gave me caused an ulcer, risked making me dependent or addicted to narcotics and had no hope of curing anything. Doctors did all they could for me and then the chiropractors helped get me out of a wheelchair (the medication was imperative at this time as well though)…
Then my doctor sent me to a naturopath to try IMS (looks like they call it MRA now) because he told me that he had 14 days of nutritional training in his 7 years of school and knew nothing about acupuncture and how to solve all my nerve damage… and that got me out of my walker.
Then the test. After 33 medical professionals (including a dozen alternative medical professionals), it was made clear to me that I would never walk without a cane.
Then while I was in rehab (sent by my doctor) to learn how to walk without the walker (for the second time), I met a 20 year old physiotherapy student who got rid of my cane.  14 years after my accident I hung up my cane and it was never used again. I mean other than my children playing games and beating one another with it.
I can tell you with 100% conviction that if it was not for those three alternative medical professionals, I would have needed a cane to attend both of my brother’s weddings. Due to my injury or the medication I was on, I am missing about 6 years of memories, maybe more, but I have my life back.
We are still paying off the debt from losing our home and vehicle and everything we worked for but to not need a cane anymore is a blessing that I can’t even explain. When you try to tell someone else that they are wrong to consider alternative medicine you will find yourself opposed by me. I say be open. Try anything twice. Don’t be stupid and risk your life, but if traditional medical doctors can’t help you, start looking.
To this day, the best night’s sleep I have ever had came at the hand of a hypnotist and a reflexologist (she was in Nanaimo but I have no idea what her name is now, I wish that I did).


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