Are there any Canadians living in Quebec?

I didn’t want to say anything more about the pipelines and governments but I can’t stay quiet.  I love Canada and I love the idea of this great nation.  Even after Montreal Mayor, Denis Coderre, made a public statement that he was against the “Energy East” pipeline, I just assumed that he was spouting off political garbage but Canadians who live in Quebec couldn’t think like this?

I tire of hearing Denis Coderre and Trudoh talking like they aren’t Canadians because they come from Quebec.  Being stupid does not mean you can’t still be Canadian.

Denis Corderre has proven that he is no friend to the environment.  Even if he did believe in the Climate Change propaganda, he just made burning wood illegal (or prohibitively expensive for home owners).  Although it can be argued that emissions are worse with wood than heating oil or natural gas, it is a much more renewable resource than anything else available.

Denis Coderre

Mayor Denis Coderre gives a thumbs up after inspecting a sewage collector, Thursday, November 12, 2015 in Montreal. The city is in the process of dumping eight billion litres of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River while repairs are being made to the sewage collectors.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz

Denis Coderre also has no say in where pipelines go or whether they get approved.  This is solely a federal decision.  But Rick Mercer came out with a fantastic rant in his favorite Toronto alley which promoted Canadian unification over the Energy East pipeline.  Nice call and kudos to you Rick.

And remember, Coderre is the man that dumped 8 Billion Liters of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River.  I have never heard of a man who took a bigger dump (literally) on our planet.

Here is the Rick Mercer rant…

Eastern Canada can hate Alberta oil or oil altogether all they want.  So long as Eastern Canadians are using oil they should be enthusiastically using Canadian oil. That is just common sense.

His French counterpart, “Infoman” has come back with his own question

“Imagine your neighbour proposes running a huge pipe across your yard, reaching your neighbour on the other side, saying ‘shut your mouth, I’m not giving you a cent, and if it ever leaks it will be your problem”.

This only proves that Infoman is another uninformed idiot.  The pipeline is good for all of Canada.  It allows Quebec to use Canadian oil rather than conflict oil and the simply fact is that pipelines are monstrously more economic and environmental than ships and trains.  Ask the town of Lac-Megantic.

As for your ridiculous question, let’s see if you feel the same way when we stop the train loads of maple syrup passing through Alberta to go to Japan and South Korea (two of Quebec’s largest importers taking well over 10% of Quebec’s exports).

Scott Vrooman truly is funny

For a comedian he sure likes to pretend he knows what he is talking about. I think he needs some researchers like Rick has.

This guy is one of the biggest fools I have ever seen… you cant talk like this about stopping the use of all oil in the same sentence that you talk about computers that fit in our pockets… when those computers require oil to be manufactured.

If you want an economy that doesn’t rely on oil, stop using it. If you want to re-shape our economy go ahead, but so long as you are using oil we should be using oil from our own country instead of terrorist states like Saudi Arabia. Until you are ready to make a change, you need to shut up and stop perpetuating western alienation.

This video brought to you by the letters WTF…

Just when I thought stupid had hit a new high, I heard this French fool respond to Rick (I call him this because he is just spreading misinformation in hopes to further divide our country)…

A new level of stupid that requires some individual thought… so let’s look at the crap… I mean things this guy said. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried… I would have never believed that there were people this stupid in any part of Canada… but I guess this is the hometown of Justin Trudoh and Denis Coderre… how long have they been pouring crap in the river anyway?


If you haven’t signed this agreement, and you don’t believe in being part of Canada, how the hell have you received over $83 Billion in equalization payments in the past decade? This coming year you are set to receive $10B in equalization payments alone, the rest of the country only get $7.8B which basically means you are a welfare state.  What makes you think you get a say in anything at this point?


I would love to see where Quebec spent one penny on a railway to Alberta? Seriously, if you know of any money that Quebec paid for these railways I would love to see a comment below.  I would appreciate the education.

Quebec needed Federal aid to build their first railway from Montreal to Portland, Maine. Do you see a pattern here?


The transcontinental railways (CPR, CNR, GTR) were all funded and backed by the federal government (much of that was backed by British loans).  The Canadian Northern was largely funded by private money but still received $250M from federal and provincial governments.  If any of this came from Quebec I would love to see your sources… oh wait, Liberals don’t use sources, they just talk.

It does sounds like Quebec though, to ask for a repayment on something they never paid for in the first place.


Ummm… what? Someone who speaks French, could you please tell me that the captions were wrong because there is no way that this guy just said that… or did he?

He takes hypocrite to a whole new level.

Encourage the pipeline you stupid ass-hat.  15,000 jobs will be created and $15B of private money will be spent during construction.  That may be a foreign concept to you but the rest of Canada doesn’t like relying on the federal government or the other provinces to fund everything from daycares to provincial child tax benefits.


Let’s get something straight clown, nobody asked you for anything. Alberta didn’t ask Denis Coderre for anything… actually I do remember some people out West asking you guys not to dump 8 Billion Liters of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence, but we were polite about it.

All of Canada should be disgusted in Quebec’s decisions to attack Western Canada’s Energy sector.  Every time that someone in Eastern Canada fills up their car with gas, turns on the furnace in their home, or does almost any of a thousand things that require oil or gas, they are “showing solidarity” and “becoming accomplices” that the producer of that oil… meaning Saudi Arabia, Africa and Venezuela (countries that support terrorists, communism or socialism, almost zero environmental goals and often less human rights).


Photo: Joshua Yasmeh

One thing you activists and Social Justice Warriors ignore when you take your foreign bribes is that all your talk is not preventing Alberta or Canadian oil from making it to market.  It still gets pumped out of the ground and sold.

  1. It reduces our profit because we have to use trains to ship it.
  2. It risks environmental and national catastrophes because pipelines are vastly cheaper and safer than any other transport method.


Why would you want to show solidarity with your own country-men in helping us replace that “conflict” oil with oil from a province and country with some of the strictest environmental laws in the world, and the same human rights and political freedoms that you share in Quebec?

Basically, because we consider you our fellow country-men, another thing that is apparently alien to Quebec. Let us know when you want to join the rest of the country… hopefully we will still be here waiting.


2 responses to “Are there any Canadians living in Quebec?

  1. Well I loved this. Its funny I was just saying the other day how qubec is the welfare state of canada or not wasn’t for federal government they would of be Detroit in 1990s the best thing trudeau Sr. Ever did was the transfer payments for his home province Quebec could never leave canada theybwoild starve to death lol

    • Starving to death is one thing, but refusing to sign in 1982 they basically said they don’t want to be part of Canada (which they have made clear in two referendums that almost made it come true). Why are they receiving equalization payments? Why would Denis Coderre think he has a right to talk. Until Quebec signs they shouldn’t even be admitted to parliament should they?

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