Does nobody care about my well being

This follows the last post but I have to wonder if anybody cares about my well-being and my happiness. I found a McDonald’s in Edmonton that is no longer selling cinnamon melts. This crisis, and make no mistake… it is a crisis, has now spread out of my small bedroom community to the big city.

Does anyone out there care how much I enjoy this little pieces of pastry heaven?

Today I brought one of my best friends in the world to McDonald’s for lunch.  Actually we went to Edo for lunch and McDonald’s for dessert. He did not know what a cinnamon melt was. How can I put all the blame on McDonald’s for not promoting these morsels of taste bud delight when my own BFF doesn’t know how much I love them, or what they are?  (I can’t believe I used BFF)

This picture of Cinnamon Melts makes me so hungry.

This picture of Cinnamon Melts makes me so hungry.

I suppose I justify it by telling myself that it is their job and not mine to sell their menu to the public.  But if I had promoted them more then maybe Cinnamon Melts wouldn’t be destined to follow McDonald’s Pizza. It might be difficult to justify doing their job but it is surely more difficult to live without cinnamon melts.

At any rate, I am helping my buddy Derek get as many cinnamon melts into him as possible before they disappear, even though he is much more into his health than I am.  At least he has a chance of burning the delicious fat at one of his bi-weekly visits to the gym.

As for me, there is little hope of burning anything off with my physical exercise but at this point I really don’t care.  It is winter and i need to put on some hibernation weight.

Today I found out that my father-in-law didn’t know what Cinnamon Melts were.  This is a sad world to say the least.  How have you people been living without these things?

Please sign my petition to keep these delicious desserts at McDonald’s, at least until I can boost sales enough for them to keep them on the menu.  It doesn’t hurt you to share this blog and petition on Facebook and Instagram and it won’t hurt you to sign the petition… especially if you love me.

I actually don’t think that these petitions do much of anything but this one might entice people to go buy some cinnamon melts and if enough people start buying them… now you are seeing the method to my madness… part of it anyway.


2 responses to “Does nobody care about my well being

  1. FYI-today, May 31, 2016, I had a cinnamelt at a McDonalds in Jefferson, Ohio. Are they back or on promotion?

    • More than likely, your McDonald’s in Jefferson is simply still holding a few cases of these bad boys and slowly getting rid of them. Enjoy them while they last and thank you for being willing to share the last of your wonderful deserts.

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