Can Paris Teach Us A Lesson?

I am sitting here watching a live France News broadcast in the wake of half a dozen coordinated attacks in Paris that have claimed over 150 innocent lives and at least 4 attackers.

I am trying not to make this about Islamophobia but it kind of has to be.  I understand that there are over a million Muslims in France that aren’t ‘terrorists’… or aren’t terrorists yet, but the fact that remains is that all Muslims attend terrorism classes on a regular basis and can never fully integrate into Western Civilization.  France is learning this first-hand tonight.


On a bright note, the French border has been closed.  Apparently the Muslims think that they can take over the country with their current 8% or so.  Bold.

The thing that surprises me about this is that the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference is being held in Paris in a few weeks and both our new Prime Minister, Justin Trudoh and our new Premier,  Rachel Notley are supposed to be there.  Why didn’t the terrorists wait a few weeks for all the excitement?

It goes to show that Muslim’s still have no sense of timing when plotting their terrorist attacks.  Remember 9-11?  Bin Laden could have taken those towers down during Clinton’s reign and never heard another word about it but he decided to attack America when a Republican from Texas was in the oval office.  Dumb ass.

With Rachel and Justin out on the road to promote the destruction of Alberta’s and Canada’s Economy, maybe cancelling the Climate Change Conference would be a good thing for Alberta and Canada.  I can’t think of a single good thing that could come from them attending.


I wish that we could just stop these two idiots from traveling outside of Canada since it is apparent that neither of them likes this country and especially this province.   The fact that they are wasting tax money on a holiday to a conference that has no hope of helping the people of earth by reducing pollution says enough about where their priorities are.

Maybe Trudoh can go hang with some of his Muslim pals and he can learn first-hand what he is bringing home to Canada… before he goes down in history as our worst Prime Minister.


There have not been many things that France has offered the world in a very long time but maybe it is time we started to pay attention.

  • France has outlawed all face coverings… we allow niqabs in our citizenship ceremonies.
  • France introduces laws to limit new mosque construction… we build North America’s largest Islamic community center in Fort McMurray, AB (replacing the previous record holder in Calgary, AB)
  • France closes its border… we invite 25,000 Muslims in with no security checks.
  • French Nationals coming together to fight a single enemy… Western Canada separation sentiment at an all-time high.

France is going to have another civil war, if you want to call French Nationals fighting Muslim Immigrants a civil war.  Maybe it is time we started looking to France and Europe for some lessons before my children end up getting drafted again.


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