Muslim students walk out on national anthem

First off, after reading everything about this incident… I was not going to write anything… then I read a blog post that changed my mind.  Thanks Maggie.

If you aren’t aware of what happened… here is the 40,000′ overview…

  1. Muslim parents explained to a Melbourne school that during the month of Muharram (Oct 13 – Nove 12), Shi’a Muslims are not allowed to sing or celebrate (to honor the death of Imam Hussein… the grandson of Muhammad).
  2. The school gave them permission to not be present while the rest of the school sang the Australian anthem in school assembly.
  3. When assembly came, a teacher invited Muslim youth to leave if they wanted
  4. up to 40 youth left the room and returned right after the anthem was sung.

Here is where everything gets interesting and why I wasted several hours of my day reading on this… it was not just because I love Crocodile Dundee, Quigley Down Under and Olivia Newton John… and now Miranda Devine…


An Independant Senator from Tazmania, Jacqui Lambie, was “disgusted” that the youth walked out for the National Anthem.  Some are agreeing with her and Musa Naqvi, a Muslim scholar from the area, has even stated that the youth did not have to leave.

Many more people, like Maggie Kelly, a writer for, seem appalled that people like myself would be upset, and I’m a Canadian!  She writes in her article outlining everything I have mentioned with the Senator’s full quote and half way through the article she asks…

“Ok, ok, guys — just hold up. Did you actually read why the kids were allowed to leave?”

And then she finished with…

“C’mon, guys. Time to read the full article.”

Well, Maggie, I read.  I watched.  I followed up with a 45 minute study of Muharram that turned into more reading the Quran for another 30 minutes and a couple hours of newspaper articles and blog reading as well as demographic studies and then I got sucked into youtube…

I have a question for you young lady… Did you actually read it?  You seem very upset that I would be bothered by a group of people that use a country’s freedoms to request changes on the existing society.

Here is yet another article on this incident, which seems to be getting more traction that anti-gun laws down under.

Kuranda Seyit, secretary of the Islamic Council of Victoria, said he understood the school’s sentiments but called on more flexibility.

I have another question for Maggie… do you agree with this?  Has it not occurred to any of you religious zealots that maybe the immigrants should be showing the flexibility?  At least until they have the numbers to overthrow the Australian people and take over the country at least.


What really kills me is that the Department of Education was quoted as saying this…

“From 2016, the new Victorian curriculum will include new subjects such as respectful relationships, world views and ethical understanding, helping to build more inclusive schools and communities.”

Are they also going to add classes on ethnic cleansing?  It does not take much research to figure out that Islam is not only NOT a religion of tolerance, but it is the opposite.  It promotes not just hatred, but violence and subjugation as well.  Islam indoctrinates believers to not just hate people but how to play victims.


Congratulations to the Melbourne Department of Education and Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School.  You say that ‘Many Cultures, One Community’ is how you want to run your school but you are teaching the youth at the school the exact opposite.  How about a quick change to ‘Many Cultures, One Community, Existing to Accommodate Islam”.

Independant Senator from Tazmania, Jacqui Lambie

Independant Senator from Tazmania, Jacqui Lambie

The one bright and shining thing about my whole day is that I found a mainstream writer, Miranda Devine, who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.  She is not anti-Islam, she is pro-national identity.  She is a proud Aussie and instead of whispering into the wind so as to not offend some minority, she is screaming from the rooftops.

This is not a “storm in a teacup” as one Muslim leader put it.

Nor is it a test of this country’s “understanding of difference or tolerance”.

Singing Advance Australia Fair and raising the Australian flag are purely secular expressions of allegiance to this country.

They do not conflict with religious expression.

I don’t know how many times it must be said, if you can’t live by the rules of the western world, where we value freedom, equality (yes, even for women), and morale and ethical laws based on Christian beliefs, go back to the country you came from.  It is that simple.

Oh wait, I forgot about your not-so-hidden agenda of taking over the world and killing everyone who doesn’t bow down to you.  My bad.


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