Girl, you look good.

I am the first to admit that I have no idea how Stacey and I made such good looking kids.  I think I will stick with giving my wife credit.  I have to give her credit for a lot of things and anyone who knows me knows that she gets credit for this blog.

I never would have guessed that I would ever blog about the drinking habits of my daughters but after picking them up with friends the other night I have to write something.  I want the kids out there to understand that they can have a great time without alcohol.  Often drunk teens turn into drunk 20-somethings… especially when Chelsey comes back from Vancouver for the week.  Usually these evenings don’t turn out well and someone ends up crying or vomitting but every once in a while I remember why I love being sober… and a father.

It isn’t that I love being a designated driver but that’s part of my parenting role… but I do enjoy the odd opportunity to catch an amazing video for a kid’s wedding or something.

Last night chantell cried for 15 minutes about some kid named Ronan that Taylor Swift wrote a song about.  Apparently he died of cancer at the age of three.  This really seemed to affect my daughter and that affection turned to tears after a dozen shots of a liquid chemically similar to gasoline.  As an aside I was pleased to see that Taylor Swift wrote a song about someone she didn’t date.

So after her crying abated and I walked her into her house, I returned to the truck to see one young lady relieving herself in the back alley and one trying to open the door to vomit (thanks for waiting for the door at the very least).  The young lady holding back the vomit was Chelsey,  my oldest daughter and the one that abandoned the cold for the wet and grey winters of Vancouver.  I am so proud.

This video barely needs editing (feel free to click on the Closed Caption button to turn on the subtitles) but aside from that she almost makes drinking and vomiting look glamorous.  Who knew that would even be possible?  Glamorous or not, it is one of the funniest things I have ever caught my kids saying on video.

So a special thanks go out to my oldest kids.  Yes you got drunk and became stupid and neither of you remembered any of it the next day but you did nothing illegal or truly embarrassing.  And you did give your father something to write about and upload to YouTube.  After that whole night I do have to agree with you… girl… you do look good.  *smile*

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