Hypocritical Homophobia

Sorry about the typos… I will proof-read this tonight… but it has to be shared now.

This is going to be a quick post because I need to reply to a Facebook post and I don’t want to type in Facebook for 30 minutes…

This morning, the CTV news broadcaster and the NDP decided to attack a UCP candidate in this month’s provincial election by saying “he made homophobic remarks during a church sermon back in 2013”.  The NDP want him kicked out of the legislature.

Am I Homophobic?

Homophobia: irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals
Merriam Webster

Am I homophobic?  Are you?  Well I definitely don’t fear or discriminate against homosexuality or homosexuals.  Aversion?

Aversion: a feeling of repugnance toward something with a desire to avoid or turn from it
ie: ‘regards drunkenness with aversion’
Merriam Webster

Bingo.  The thought of two men having sex definitely triggers a sense of repugnance.  It is a strong word but I would agree 100% with the example that Merriam Webster uses with regards to drunkenness.  I hate it when my wife or kids get drunk.  I have never ingested an ounce of alcohol… definitely never been drunk.

Does that make me a bigot against drunks?  Nope.  I don’t think I am better than they are, just soberer.  Am I a bigot against homosexuals? Nope.  I don’t think I am better than homosexuals for getting to have sex with my wife a couple times a year (when she gets really drunk and I get good looking), I just think I am luckier.

But Merriam Webster defines me as a homophobe because I have an aversion to homosexuals.  Interesting.

People who hate homosexuals or are afraid of them are assholes.  On this, Morgan Freeman and I agree 100%.

I don’t consider myself a homophobe because I don’t care about homosexual people.  I am not an islamaphobe because I don’t care about muslims.  I don’t consider myself a lot of things, because I don’t care about them.

Tomorrow I might start caring about something new, and we can talk about my position on that thing then.

Is Mark Smith a Homophobe?

I honestly have no idea.  Unless the CTV news has more evidence, as well as Rachel Notley and her NDP hatchetmen, they don’t either.

SQUIRREL: I say hatchetmen because the NDP have gone after UCP candidates like jackels at a meat market.  Why don’t they go door knocking and try to win a second election on another promise to bury us in debt?  They have a proven track record there.

So they posted a video with an audio recording of Mark Smith speaking at a church in 2013 and here is what he said…

“You don’t have to watch TV for any length of time today, where you don’t see on the TV programs, them trying to tell you that homosexuality and homosexual love is good love.  Heck there are even people out there, I could take you to places on the website I’m sure, where you could find out that there’s uh, where pedophilia is love.”

These are FACTS.  They don’t even state his opinions!

I never considered myself a homophobe because I wasn’t afraid of homosexuals, I simply didn’t understand them, and still don’t.

I have never said a negative word toward a person who was homosexual.  I refuse to think I am better than someone because of their religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, or political views or ideology.  We are simply different.  Do I think I am smarter than you because you are a liberal? Clearly.  Do I think I have a better chance of going to heaven because you are an atheist?  Of course I do, but what do you care.

According to Merriam Webster, I am a jerk, but not a bigot.

I am a homophobe (according to Merriam Webster) but not a racist.

I am a Canadian but not a feminist (that one I will admit freely).

I have never felt a single drop of intolerance to another person, except a leftist… once, but he was an idiot too and that is just rolling snake-eyes at birth.  Talk about a double-whammy.  I have no problem tolerating homosexual people.  I don’t even mind getting hit on at a bar by a homosexual guy, that just proves that he is really drunk too.

What I do mind, is this progressive culture that demands that I celebrate homosexuality.  I disagree with it and so does Mark Smith.  I don’t hate homosexuals and I have no idea if Mark does.  I have an aversion to them (or so Merriam Webster says) but I do NOT know if Mark Smith does.

Unless you know more than I do, neither do you!

This is Canada, where we are supposed to celebrate our freedom of expression yet the left has launched all out attacks on that freedom and it has to stop.  You cannot celebrate your freedom by condemning mine.

Bring on Some Evidence

If you think Mark Smith is a homophobe, bring on some evidence.  That audio recording simply stated that he was tired of seeing homosexuals take over his TV programs and that we treat homosexual love as “good love”.  Is it bad?  Who cares.  We all have a right to an opinion.  Until you have more evidence, stop with the personal attacks.

I think I would be a great politician because I try not to talk about things I am not educated about and I don’t hesitate to educate myself about anything I am interested in.  I love research and logic.

Would I agree with all my constituents?  No.  None of us do.  half the women think that it is okay to cut babies up in their stomach and half don’t.  As an elected official, you would have to have an opinion on this matter and that would put you at odds with the other half of your electorate.

To call for a candidates dismissal because he/she disagreed with your position on an issue is utter insanity.

I love my wife.  I love my children.  I love that I was born in Canada. What I don’t love, is people saying that their belief that I need to sit and watch every TV show in the world add some homosexual lovers to their cast.  I simply am not interested.  Let’s make it clear though, that I really do enjoy a couple hours of Life in Pieces and Soap. Great shows.  Homosexual cast members.

If you have a different definition of homophobic, bring it on.  I would love to hear it.

Now about this Hypocrisy

The NDP wants Mark Smith kicked out of the legislature.  Because they say he has an aversion to homosexuals.

This is the same government that has increased our provincial debt 475% over the past four years.

I have an aversion to stupid people who don’t know math running my province’s bank account.  You can twist it all you want but under NDP rule, we have gone from $12B in debt to $57B in debt.  In March of 2018, 13 months ago, the CBC reported on our budget…

When considered on a per-capita basis, their estimates suggest Alberta’s net debt would hit about $13,000 by 2023.
Robson Fletcher – CBC News

Currently, on April 3, 2019, every Albertan owes $13,444.  That is four years earlier than the CBC predicted ONE year ago.

screenshot taken 2019-04-03 at 9am MST

I have an aversion to someone who spends taxes like a drunken sailor.  I do not think people who act like drunken sailors should be running our government.

The NDP are not the people I want holding the purse strings for the next four years… they have no desire to boost our economy.  While Rachel Notley is a great talker, she is also a horrible diplomat.  You can’t say you are a fan of pipelines after three years of devastating the industry and then assigning a liberal anti-pipeline activist to the Alberta Energy Board.

It is deceitful to say one thing and do something totally in the opposite.  Mark Smith stated some facts in a church before he was elected.  There is no doubt that he serves his constituents with integrity and until I hear otherwise, I will use this as one more mark against the NDP.

Stop trying to launch personal attacks and lying about other candidates and come up with some policies that don’t include burying my great grandchildren in debt they could never pay off.


So I just read something on social media that I missed because I was writing this… and I need to get on with my day… but this really got under my skin…

To say that Mark Smith conflated pedophilia with homosexuality is the worst part of the leftist mentality.  They think they can just make any statement without any evidence of truth and people will believe it.  It is the worst part of leftist beliefs because it is true.

People who are not totally insane will like his comment.  They will say, “yah, he said pedophilia in that audio recording too so it must be true.”

It is not true.  You do not have to be a sheep, an idiot, or an asshole.  Use your brain.  He said that TV shows promote homosexual love as ‘good love’.  Spend 30 seconds on the internet and you will find news articles galore about parents fighting schools who are teaching their kids the same thing.  Our society is going out of its way to not only prove that homosexuality is acceptable, but that it is a good thing, even more normal and better for you in the long run.

Mark Smith said that you could find someone on the internet saying that pedophilia was love too.  He said NOTHING to conflate homosexuals with pedophiles.  He did not even say this was his opinion… he simply stated a fact.  We know what leftists think of facts.

You are the worst type of person in my mind, if you do not speak out against the spreading of lies like this.  Imagine what I think of you for spreading the lies.

And if you disagree with my belief that what Mark Smith stated were facts, check out christianpedophile dot com and have a great laugh.  I don’t even want to link to that site, you have to type that URL in for yourself.  I do have opinions on this, and I am not afraid to make them clear.  As for Mark Smith’s opinions, I don’t know them and neither do you.

10 responses to “Hypocritical Homophobia

  1. I feel like you should be writing your own blog posts… but I have time to read this because I have been banned from commenting on my favorite FB group until tonight…
    First off, Ben Shapiro rocks. I agree with 90% of what he says. 80% for sure.
    Your implication that the LBGT community is filled with “perverts, pedophiles and predators” seems odd to me, since every community I can think of is. Could there be more in this group? Possibly. But there are plenty in every group. I teach my kids to be aware, and I am always vigilant and prepared to punish anyone who hurts or tries to hurt my children. To assume that gays are worse because they have bad people in their group is the same flawed logic that lets Black Lives Matter believe that cops are evil because there are some bad cops. Religions have bad priests and pastors, sport teams have bad coaches, and scouts have bad volunteers.

    Being that I have a decade of experience with scouts, I will comment on this because I have never been involved with an organization that does more to prevent adults from being alone with children. They aren’t perfect and they do a lot of things wrong, but in this area, they seem to have a high resolve to prevent predators from being near or for sure alone, with youth. I can’t think of a safer place for children to spend their time in today’s world.

    I will have to read up more on Bill 10 but it sounds suspiciously like a political grab at favoritism. We are all supposed to be equal. We do not promote this ideal by making one group MORE equal than anyone else.

  2. The tough reality is that homos and bi’s spread their diseases by having multiple random sexual partners throughout their life, and rarely stick to monogamy. They have an average of 20-100 (even more) partners in their lifetime, depending on which studies you see. And even though homos make up a fraction of the population, they account for 75-80% of all new and STDs and infections that are treated regularly. Think about that. This means that even though the promiscuous heterosexuals greatly outnumber the promiscuous homosexuals, the homos and bi’s are still responsible for the greatest share of the diseases, by far.
    Thats outrageous and def not a healthy way to live by any stretch of the imagination.

    So in regards to the comment that Naturophobic bigot gave you about the “conflict and pain” or “suicides” caused by your free speech on the subject, he should give his head a shake and realize that homos have never EVER had such a vast caring global support group, and yet their conflict, depression and suicide rates dont decline. Why? Thats cuz their conflict is internal and comes from the fact they are being lied to all the time by idiots like that who tell them they can live a happy “gay” lifestyle, when deep down they know its unnatural and perverse. Youre right, he is the one who doesnt care about the suicide rates, or he’d be telling these poor kids the truth about their chosen lifestyle path. Its not a happy one, which is why its such a lie to call them “gay”.

    Now about the pedophilia issue and Mark Smith, I think he should respond something like this. That, although some heteros do become mentally ill and abuse children, its primarily the LGBT community who takes “pride” in their mental illness and proclaims it to the world in that regard; one way is by promoting their “inter-generational” relationships: which is glorified pedophila.
    Another way is by relentlessly and repeatedly pushing to lower the age of consent. Most recently, in 2017 the LGBTQ community wanted the age lowered from 18 to 16 for consent (for anal sex of course); and in Colorado they tried to pass a bill that would allow 10 year old boys to take “counseling” in school without their parents knowledge or consent. Its atrocious, and yet they do it all the time, strikingly even with support from morons who they are the victims.
    No, they arent victims, they are the predators.

    So by far, like a giant cosmic leap, the homo community is the biggest threat to the innocence of our nations children; from school, sports, and even religious organizations.
    For thousands of homo catholic “priests” (if you can call them that) have been flooding the priesthood since the 1920s and are the cause of so many abuses, and the outcry of the hetero priests have been nothing but suppressed by the Higher Ups. No surprise that the censoring is in religious organizations when its clearly in political ones too. Its a massive global agenda no doubt.

    • Nate,
      I definitely lean more toward agreeing with Ben Shapiro and his ideas of the mental and physical issues that these people are going through. I feel greatly for their suffering. I don’t understand why anyone who is going through that, would wish it on anyone else, but they do. It makes them feel more assured and confident in their choices if they can increase their numbers I am sure.
      I have never actually met a member of that community that I thought was messed up. My wife has a great friend who married another woman and I think the two of them are great people who live wonderful lives. In the grand scheme of things, they are beautiful women who are productive members of society. Granted, neither of them like me and would rather stab their eyes with a sharp stick than read my blog, but that speaks nothing to who they are.
      I would never refer to them, or my friend who I met as a man and now lives a productive and seemingly happy life as a woman, or their community as predators. There are definitely predators in their ranks as there are in the Catholic church, but there are way more who are members of neither. Until I see clear evidence that everyone in a group has the same belief, I tend to judge people as individuals. If you are a predator, I will treat you like one. I do not tolerate someone telling me that I am a bad father because I am a member of a group, so I would never submit someone else to that from my family.
      I grew up as an alter boy with Father Bednar and Father Scrivner at St. Angela’s Church. As a christian, if I said “all priests are predators”, even though a huge percentage were, what would that say about my character and integrity, knowing first-hand, how nice those two men were when I was 10 years old?

  3. I have a rational fear of homos; a fear of homo men and women spreading diseases around my society like wildfire; and anyone with kids growing up in this mess should feel the same.

    And those who thinks or calls gay sex repulsive shouldnt be called names like “homophobe”. They should be tolerated in their opinions. Heres Natures opinion.
    Gay sex is unnatural and perverse. Nature itself screams this, for Nature “prides” itself on propagating and spreading life “naturally” (which is a blessing to any nation). While on the other hand, homo sex propagates and spreads diseases “unnaturally” (which is a curse to any nation) which have to be under constant repair and suppression by doctors and a lifetime of expensive medication, leaving the taxpayers to ultimately foot the bill.
    So in general, Natural sex produces life and children who make money for society.
    Gay sex produces death and diseases that rob society’s pocket.
    Cant argue with Nature, unless youre a “naturophobe”.

    Not to mention that the schools dont tell our children that homosexual lifestyle makes you over 50 times more likely to get AIDS, HPV HIV or a host of other ones..
    Any honest medical website will tell you something like this:
    Gays comprise 80-85% of all new HPV and syphilis infections. Certain enteric ailments are particularly common among homosexual men. They are primarily infectious diseases and include not only HIV or HPV but such common venereal diseases as gonorrhea and syphilis; also infections not usually regarded as being sexually transmitted. Among the latter are shigellosis, salmonellosis, giardiasis, and amebiasis proctitis….etc..
    This list is not in any way exhaustive. Homos truly contract more infectious diseases then there are colours of the rainbow.

    And any one who calls you an asshole for thinking these ppl have a vile and unnatural lifestyle, is either protecting someone they know whos a homo (everyone knows someone gay and prefers not to speak against their lifestyle for “fear” of offending them) or simply doesnt care to know the truth.
    My guess is Morgan Freeman knows a lot of homos, so prefers to play the PC card and offend everyone else. (but he fittingly should have called the homos “assholes”, since as we all know, you are what you eat. And oddly enough, gays frequently get treated for that disease too)…its gross.

    So lets all tolerate each others opinions, but after searching out the real facts of the issue, any person with at least two functioning brain cells would agree with mine, whether they admit it or not.

    • Nate,
      Very interesting response. I typically get far left with agenda or someone supporting my views. It is rare to get someone who agrees and thinks I am not strong enough in my opinions.
      I don’t disagree with much of what you said, and you absolutely have the right to both have your opinion and voice it. Even if I don’t support everything you said, I don’t mind leaving your response. I can’t imagine it would stay in many forums or social media sites very long without some liberal social censor removing it or your whole account.
      I am not sure if you wanted a response, or just an outlet to voice your opinion, but since this is my blog post, you are going to get a response…
      I wasn’t convinced that “good love” was the right choice of words for what I believe Mark Smith was trying to say, but I don’t think “natural” works either. Nature, by example, is messed up everywhere. I enjoy conversations with many from the alphabet community, but many like to make everything about their group, and I just want to talk about movies or economics or computers… To use the word “unnatural” would indicate that homosexual sex doesn’t appear in nature and it does. There has been much evidence that stronger members of each species regularly sexually assault weaker in the species. Rape is common and often it happens with the same sex. Males have pigs in every species apparently.
      There has also been evidence of gay relationships in nature in other species as well. Not sexual assault, but consensual intercourse. How did it start? We have no idea. Is one animal subservient by force? No idea. But it happens.
      This makes me infuriated when I hear some SJW whine about our “rape culture” because we are the only species that truly punished sexual assault. If we didn’t, if we accepted it as natural, then their would be no punishment. Many countries in our world do not punish rapists, so there may be cultures that could be defined as “rape cultures” but they certainly do not exist in 1st world or western countries.
      I tolerate and accept homosexuals because they don’t hurt other people… they didn’t in the past at any rate. I think Morgan Freeman thinks the exact same way. If you are attacking people who have high suicide rates (I agree with you here) and high disease rates (I can’t disagree with this) but aren’t affecting you, then I believe Morgan and I would both say that you have no right to stop them.
      But my problems with the alphabet people is not their sexual or gender choices, it is the way the SJWs or Psycho Liberal Housewives have taken up their mantle to force me to change… force me to teach my kids that alphabet people have no issues… force me to celebrate their choices. They cannot use our culture’s freedoms to do whatever they want, then take away my freedom to support them.

      • You didnt understand what I meant by “natural”. Afterall, rape, murder, theft, disease, and a plethora of various deadly Cancers appear in Nature too, that doesnt mean they are “natural” in the good and beneficial sense of the word.
        So what if some animals commit homosexual acts? That doesnt mean that it furthers the prosperity of the animal kingdom, nor that it should be repeated by human beings.
        Also, some animals throw or eat their own feces, should that be something humans should start doing too? I mean, its found in Nature, afterall; it must be okay.

        As i said, everyone knows someone whos a nice homo, and so they will use that one relationship to blanket the rest of the homo community. Thats not right, for they are the exception, not the rule. Thats tantamount to a volunteer at the Mustard Seed Church saying that they that know quite a few nice friendly alcoholic homeless bums, and that it must be then good and natural for anyone to be an alcoholic homeless bum, instead of treating them like they should be treated — as a mentally ill person with bad and costly lifestyle habits that both harm them and others around them.

        Yes, there are predators in all groups of people, and yet they are the exception, not the rule. The goodhearted hetero priests (like yours) are the rule, and the homo predators within their ranks are the exception.

        The difference is that the LGBT groups, as a whole, continuously push for policies that will harm children mentally, if not also physically; so that makes them predators as a rule (not an exception) and the truly “nice and harmless” homos we know and love are the exception.

        Like you said, the homos and their supporters are repeatedly and aggressively forcing you to change and adopt policies that do affect you and do affect, and harm (mentally if not yet physically) your children and many other children of our society daily. So yeah they should be stopped. And the more leniency and tolerance you and others like Morgan Freeman give to their organizations, whilst suppressing legitimate concerns against their influence on our children, the more power they will acquire, and they will use it to further push their perverse agendas on future generations.

        • Alright Nate, now you have crossed the line. I am removing your comment and blocking your account.

          i am just kidding. I wanted to know what it felt like to be a leftist asshat… it felt kinda dirty. I don’t know why they act like that.

          Anyway, I understand what you meant by natural, but I am still not convinced that it is the right word. The comment about animals and feces has to be tempered with humans using dry feces to cook food in Africa. there is not a lot of wood, but feces is both flammable and abundant.

          My biggest issue with your opinion is that I am not convinced that the alphabet people are the ones heading up these drives to destroy the rights of people not in their communities. I have a lot of evidence that these policies are changed due to SJWs and Psycho Liberal Housewives who are not members of the community. They just want to fight for someone else’s human rights, even if those people disagree. I was talking to a trans guy a few years ago when the bathroom laws were being changed and he said he hated the SJWs because he never had a problem using a bathroom before all the publicity.

          I accept these people and could care less who they sleep with. I dont care if a school teaches that not all families have a mom and a dad, because that is a fact. I am sick and tired of schools teaching kids that two men raising a kid is the same as a mom and a dad and perfectly normal for our society. I am not convinced that the children are being raised in an environment that promotes healthy male/female relationships, but I am also not convinced that they aren’t. I definitely do not believe it is child abuse. two moms or dads can easily do a better job raising a kid than a crappy mom and dad. I have no doubt about that.

          •   I know exactly why the Leftists are asshats, and I think you do too.  When they are cornered by sound logic and common sense, their emotional persuasion has no ground to stand on, so they have no recourse but admit they are wrong, or censor and erase your argument like a repressed memory.
              Thats why no one has taken the bait to respond civilly against anything said here; most ppl have a contrary opinion on this topic, but if they voiced it, they would get humiliated.

            And burning shit for fuel to cook food vs. eating shit are not the same thing. One is necessary for progressing life and one shortens life. (just like heterosexuality vs. homosexuality)

            Since this dead horse is still twitching, the only reasons why anyone wouldnt describe homosexuality as “unnatural” is either because they personally know a homo they respect, or dont want to lose public popularity over it. (Morgan freeman)
             It is so obviously against the ordinary common Laws of Nature, and the instinctive propagatory nature of a person or animal.

            Youre not convinced the LGBTs are a threat to our societys youth?  Yet they have been ever since they have been given a voice and platform.  One example here:

            In May 1974, the Campaign for Homosexual Equality suggested a basic age of consent of 16, but 12 “in cases where a defendant could prove the existence of meaningful consent”

            Or recently, a 13 yr old boy was taken off the school grounds at a GSA conference w/o parents knowledge. heres what the Calgary Herald said…
            ” at the off-site GSA conference, the boy said he “watched a demonstration on how to put a condom on a banana; he was given materials with a space ship shaped like a giant penis with a caption “explore your anus”; (and), he was given a 50-page flip book with step-by-step instructions on how to have sex, with what appears to be an older individual,”…

            Uh, thats not a threat to children?
            The LGBT “people” been allowed to publicly target children for almost 50 years in our nation. And yet they want more power and “rights”?

            And do you really not care who they sleep with? 
             I imagine theres more than a few homos in the Scouts who “take care” of the same sex of children, (or prey on them) and its only rational that any parent should be as skeptical of a couple of male homos taking care of their young boys on a camping trip as they would be of a couple heteros taking their opposite sex kids on same said trip. It shouldnt be allowed in our society.  Not for political correctness, or for any reason.

             And Im sure you caught on to that tranny you talked to about the bathroom laws, but it seems to me that he could use the bathroom without being suspected until the laws came in that made ppl more aware of the threat he/she poses.
            I remember a story about a bunch of girls on a swimteam that take turns in the small family changeroom now because a (mentally ill) bearded female now uses the female locker room with them…..

            Oh and definitely dont trust Ben Shapiro.  He states facts about everything, but he went through law school completely fooling his Liberal professors and fellow students that he was a staunch Leftist, in order to get his degree, with high honors too.  Thus, he could just as likely be pretending to be Right-wing now to fool all of the Conservatives into thinking hes on their side; perhaps to drive for a seat in the senate, or who knows what.
             Jews have a tendency of undertaking control of both the Left wing and Right wing parties in government in order to harness the popular opinion on both sides. Same with media outlets.

            Of course two homos raising kids are not the same as a hetero couple of the same quality of parenting; and theres plenty of testimonies of children who admit it was mentally abusing to have two same sex parents.
            Some even admit that they would have taken two subpar hetero parents (again, the exception, not the rule) to their two stable homo ones. Their natural consciences tell them that I think.

      • Indeed without a shadow of a doubt, the LBGT and GSA communities are chock full of perverts, pedophiles and predators, who are systematically destroying the minds of our nations youth.
        If intentional moral corruption of children is still a criminal offense (it is) then all ppl involved with these perv groups should be charged and locked up, like yesterday.

        Read this all carefully (if you havent already) and thank God you get to homeschool your children…

        Jason Kenney, Alberta’s Premier-designate, stated on election night that “parents know better than politicians what is best for their kids.”  His United Conservative Party (UCP) education policy repeatedly referred to “Alberta’s successful tradition of school choice” and “the primary role of parents” in educating their children.

        Kenney has promised to repeal Bill 24, which requires teachers and principals to keep all parents in the dark about what is going on with their own children regarding Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) and GSA-related activities at schools.  This secrecy law applies to all children, including five-year-olds in kindergarten!

        However, the UCP plans would leave in place Bill 10, the law rushed through the Legislature by then Progressive Conservative Premier Jim Prentice.

        Passed in a matter of hours, Bill 10 forces every school in Alberta (public, Catholic, independent, etc.) to set up a GSA, or to hold a GSA-related activity, at the request of a student.  Principals must, by law, set up a GSA when a student requests it, regardless of the mission and character of the school, and regardless of any parental concerns.

        When Bill 10 was rushed through the Legislature, without any public consultation or meaningful input from Alberta’s parents, the four political parties then represented in the Legislature all assured Albertans that GSAs were merely peer support groups for vulnerable children: “Why do you have a problem with kids connecting over pizza at lunch time?”

        While GSAs can offer peer support, the scope of their activities is much broader.

        First, the Alberta government set up a GSA website, supervised by discredited LGBTQ activist Kris Wells. The GSA website, directed at K-12 children as young as five, had links to pornographic depictions and other vile materials.

        Apart from the government’s GSA website and these other unfortunate facts, it was clear from the get-go that Bill 10 was about political activists using GSAs to expose children to a “progressive” perspective on sexuality.

        Bill 10 does not require “peer support groups” or “anti-bullying clubs” that would enjoy the support of parents, or that would be respectful of a school’s beliefs, mission, vision and purpose.  Rather, Bill 10 specifically requires GSAs, by that name. 

        While the UCP platform includes some good principles about parental rights in education, Jason Kenney has stated publicly that children have a “right” to set up GSAs at schools.  Presumably this position stems from a lack of understanding about the reality of GSAs being ideological clubs that promote anti-Christian (and anti-Muslim, anti-Jewish, anti-Sikh, etc.) beliefs about sexuality.  In Alberta, the battle over religious freedom and parental rights in education is far from over.

        Lawyer John Carpay is president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (www.jccf.ca), which represents parents and schools in a constitutional court challenge to Bills 10 and 24.

        Case closed.

      • This is an important part I left out.
        Do parents know what their kids are doing at school?

        “..a court action filed against Bills 10 and 24 by Alberta schools and parents, affidavit evidence tells the story of a vulnerable autistic girl who was persuaded by her school’s GSA that she was a boy.  She was encouraged to wear boy’s clothing, use a male name, and use the boys’ locker room, all without her parents knowing.

        The girl was also presented with one-sided information that sung the praises of “transitioning” to the opposite gender, without any mention of documented harm and risks.  It wasn’t until the girl became suicidal that GSA leaders and other teachers finally informed the girl’s parents.  There was no evidence that the parents were anything other than loving and fully supportive of their daughter; there was no reason to keep them in the dark.

        Third, courts have evidence about a 15-year-old who was encouraged to attend a day-long GSA conference away from school.  When the boy raised concerns that his mother would not approve of him missing a day’s worth of classes, the school’s GSA facilitators told him,“Your mother will never know; we won’t tell her.”
        At the GSA conference, he and other children were shown how to put a condom on a banana, and were provided with a graphic booklet showing, in detailed full-colour, how to engage in anal intercourse.”

        Heres the link to the full article.
         Battle over parental rights continues after Alberta election – The Post Millennial


        Happy Easter!!

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