Media bias is not a conspiracy theory, it is an industry with Trump!

Trump violence and the liberal media

I have to tell you that I just hate the liberal media and I have been working on a blog post for the Canadian budget that Trudoh released recently that tied so nicely into this but this week two new stories are about violence at Trump rallies… and some of you know how I feel about this violence.

For the most part it is created by some rich assholes who want to see Hillary win so that they can keep getting away with their corporate ownership of the government. There are a ton of Black Lives Matter members but that is a whole new blog post

What these idiots don’t realize is that they are being paid (up to $17 per hour) to support Bernie at Trump rallies.  If Bernie wins, these 15 year olds won’t have a hope of gainful employment and they will need craigslist even more!!!

For those who are unaware, these Trump rallies never had any violence before the protesters started showing up and they get paid by foundations to picket and promote violence… here is a story about the craigslist ads and who is actually paying these thugs.


STORY 1 – real assault never reported

The first story revolves around a 15-year old protester who got pepper-sprayed after assaulting a senior citizen.  Of course the news is seeing it slightly different to sensationalize it and to attack Trump.

Donald Trump supporter pepper-sprays 15-year-old girl in the face at Wisconsin rally (edmonton journal – my hometown paper)

15-year-old allegedly sexually assaulted, pepper-sprayed outside Donald Trump rally (cbs news)


Police Say Teenage Girl Was Pepper Sprayed and Sexually Assaulted at Wisconsin Trump Rally (

Cops: Teen Sexually Assaulted, Pepper-Sprayed, Called ‘N**ger Lover’ at Trump Rally (the daily beast)

15-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Sexually Assaulted and Pepper Sprayed at Trump Rally (mediaite)

15-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Sexually Assaulted, Pepper-Sprayed At Donald Trump Rally In Wisconsin (huffington post)

Donald Trump ‘supporters grope and pepper spray’ 15-year-old girl at Wisconsin rally (the independent)

15yo girl sexually assaulted, pepper-sprayed outside Trump rally (VIDEO) (russia television)

Police: Donald Trump Supporters Grope, Pepper Spray 15-Year-Old Girl At Wisconsin Rally (think progress)

Here is the video all the news is showing… you can still see that she gets hit with pepper spray for assaulting a senior!

But I suppose that video didn’t show the senior assaulting her (tapping her with a piece of paper) or the actual punch that she landed)… so here is a video that shows the following…

  • @ 1:26 – the breast touch… basically, an old man taps her with some papers in his hand… definitely not a “grope” or assault or battery
  • @ 2:05 she punches the old man in the face… clearly assault
  • @ 2:06 a third party watching reaches over the man’s shoulder and gives a shot of pepper spray to the attacker in the incident

If you want the video with a narrative… this video is awesome!!!


STORY 2 – fake assault that was reported

Lets chat about Michelle Fields…

Corey Lewandowski was absolutely innocent but the spreading of this crap in liberal media is getting crazy.  Here is the actual video footage released from the police now… clearly I am in agreement with Mark Dice…

Your Conclusions???

Can someone please tell me that Michelle Fields is getting charged with filing a false police report and that the girl that got pepper sprayed is going to be in front of a judge for assaulting that old man?

I should take a moment to invite everyone to join us every month at St. Albert Poliwings… @poliwings… because I just have no idea when 30,000 will read one of my posts. Over 100 people have already read the one about last night’s meeting so anything is possible! *smile*

For the record, a friend was telling me last night that he enjoys hearing my opinions but that I often go too far… I thought about what he said a lot and at 3:26 of that video above, Mark Dice does exactly what Luke was referring to.

@according2luke, if I have ever pulled crap like that ‘concentration camp’ line in your presence, I apologize. I don’t feel too bad though because I think more often than not, you hear things I don’t say because you get tired of being on the defeated side of debates with me.  *smile*

In all honesty, my monthly meetings with Luke do not happen often enough. I have seriously loved my discussions with him and will continue to do so long after he blocks and unfriends me online… possibly even after he gets a restraining order.


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