9/11 Memorial… sad update

This is a perfect time to get rid of yet another post from my drafts almost two years old… one about 9/11 memorials.

Did you know that there was a 9/11 memorial and museum?  When they started talking about a memorial in 2001 and 2002 I was very curious.  What could you do to remember an event like this.

8 of the 16 acres at the WTC site are now a memorial and museum

8 of the 16 acres at the WTC site are now a memorial and museum

I believe that they have done a great job.  The memorial/museum take up 8 of the 16 acres of the original WTC site and have left beautiful park and water features for people to enjoy.  The museum is something I would not miss if I went to NYC.

Poor Decisions

But two days ago, on the 14th anniversary of the WTC attacks, this is where the news is coming from today, the news which made me shudder.  Being a scout leader and IT professional and living in a house with 6 kidlets forces me to constantly merge my three calendars.  This is no small task.  But if one of my volunteer selections, or my full-time job, was working with the 9/11 memorial/museum, and someone scheduled a hearing for my budget in Washington, DC on Friday, September 11, 2015, I would like to think this would flag something in my calendar.

Hopefully I would become aware that I had something better to do… somewhere more important to be.

ground view of the WTC memorial park

ground view of the WTC memorial park

God help the politician who refused to move my budget meeting because they had a tough schedule.  When I posted that to social media there would be a public outcry that a politician might not survive.  So where is the outcry for the fact that these idiots attended their meeting?  Yes, I have heard some interviews from families of the victims not being happy but where is the public outrage?  Where are our voices?

Where are those whiny Psycho Liberal Housewives I speak so much about?  They were out in full force when a small child died because his family didn’t put a life jacket on him, they were all over when our government didn’t graciously open its borders to waves of terrorists posing as refugees from Syria, where the hell are they when we are putting money ahead of people who died at an event that shook our entire planet?   Especially when that money is for those people!  Do you think the victims would be proud of us for NOT speaking up about this ignorant decision?

water features at night, surrounded by names

water features at night, surrounded by names

What on earth do they need $25,000,000 a year for anyhow?  I understand that this is not just a waterfall or bronze plate with 3000 names on it, and that a museum has staff and security but it doesn’t house the Mona Lisa.  What on earth are we spending $25M a year on for this site?

The Unknown Memorial

Let us look at another for the 9/11 terrorist attacks… the one in NJ where all the emergency services were set up after 9/11 to attend escapees from the attack.  The one that pays tribute to those who perished in the attacks and condemns terrorist actions worldwide.  The one called… To the Struggle Against World Terrorism.

gorgeous memorial with a huge teardrop

gorgeous memorial with a huge teardrop

This is a beautiful monument that stands 100 feet high across the water from the WTC site and is in view of the Statue of Liberty.

I want you to understand while we talk about people’s misguided affection toward money, that this memorial has estimated costs of $12M and it was all paid for by the artist and the people of Russia.  Although then president Vladimir Putin helped pay for it, the Russian government did not.  This was donated by Russian citizens to remember an event that affected them and their love of democracy and to criticize terrorism worldwide.  And they placed it in NJ, in a city called Bayonne, where it has raised its own criticism.

Russia's tribute to victoms of 9/11 and the world's struggle against terrorism

Russia’s tribute to victims of 9/11 and the world’s struggle against terrorism

That is right, the Russian people paid for a memorial for an event that affected us as a nation and as a world and for a terrorist action that the world must not forget.  I remember that day when Palestinians were singing in a refugee camp because of this great victory over America.  Well here is a former enemy, without a doubt the largest nemesis America ever had, and it’s civilians were paying for a memorial to be built on American soil.

Out come the Psycho Liberal Housewives!

These people complained.  They didn’t was a 100′ high teardrop in their shoreline.  I have to wonder, after all this time, in 1886, was there public outcry about the Statue of Liberty being donated by France?

911tear6I do not understand why the teardrop memorial isn’t getting more attention these days.  Why is it that the past 6 years haven’t seen this site promoted like the Statue of Liberty, or at all?  Locals barely know where it is or what it is.

This memorial has some critics aimed toward the artist, as all great artists have, but this should have been given even more media attention and not less… yet nobody knows of it.

911tear5My favorite part of this whole memorial is its inspiration.  On 9/11, as terrorism rained down in America, an artist named Zurab walked the streets of Moscow.

“To the Struggle Against World Terrorism,” was conceived as the events of 9/11 unfolded and Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli walked the streets of Moscow. Struck by the outpouring of grief he observed, a memorial with an image of a tear formed in his mind.

This comes directly from the brochure that you can get from the site.  It paints such a different picture about the streets of Moscow 14 years ago, than the streets of Palestinian refugee camps.

So my big question today, what bothers you the most?


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