Come to our Scout Garage Sale and you may never worry about TP again!

So what do you do if you run out of Toilet Paper?

You may never need to worry about that again if you come down to our 2015 Scout Garage Sale and buy this wonderful shadow box with three sea shells.

Here are the mythical three seashells from Stallone's Demolition Man

Here are the mythical three seashells from Stallone’s Demolition Man

Are you laughing yet?

How could you not be laughing.  My wife isn’t laughing either.  I am killing myself.  i thought it was the funniest thing I ever said at a garage sale last night.  yet Donna never laughed either.  Is it possible that it is not funny?

Nope.  Just thought of it again and smiling again.

Now for those of you that are not that into Stallone or Sandra Bullock or even movies, I get it.  Let me expand your horizons for a moment if you will…

Now that you have spent a minute or two watching a great scene from Demolition Man… are you laughing?

Well you should be.  I love this crap and look for it in my life everywhere and when I run across a glass box with a shelf holding three seashells I lost my mind for a minute.  If you don’t laugh with me I lose my mind a bit… if that still doesn’t work, I say suck it and lock myself in my office for an hour to blog about it!

I win… now 17 other people know how awesome I am that I found the mythical three sea shells at out amazing 2015 Scout Garage Sale (that was a shameless plug eh?).  You can also check out our webpage at and until I find another group willing to put this much effort into fundraising it will be just for our little group in St. Albert…

Now the real problem arises… how do I find someone to give us top dollar for our seashells?

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