Trading off tech parties during work-ations

This week was a busy one.  I had a SpiceCorps meeting in Calgary, and two invitations to Stampede parties, one hosted by the company of one of our awesome SpiceCorps members and one by CDW.

Our SpiceCorps meeting was hosted by Ubiquiti (a wireless provider you will hear about in another blog post I am sure) and it went over great.  David gave us some great food for thought and some sweet door prizes!

David Hsieh from Ubiquiti having a casual chat with Calgary SpiceCorps members.

David Hsieh from Ubiquiti having a casual chat with Calgary SpiceCorps members.

The Tundra Stampede Party was a little crazy.  I can’t say I have ever seen many companies throw a customer appreciation party like that.  It reminded me of the Spiceworld conferences that Spiceworks hosts every year.  I invited our CDW rep, Jason, out that morning for a tour of Rosenau Transport’s Calgary site and to the Tundra party for a bite to eat.  I would say it was a great day.  I know how hard it is to squeeze stuff info work-ations but being a skilled pro at it, I helped Jason out.

Jason telling Shayne, "this picture better never end up on the Internet"

Jason telling Shayne, “this picture better never end up on the Internet”

Believe it or not but I had to virtually beg Jason to pose for a picture… this is him telling me that the picture better not ever appear on the internet.  Let’s see how good a sport he is…

Then after a very long night in Medicine Hat working on some UPS’ s I made it back in time to catch the end of the CDW appreciation party at the Saltlik in Calgary.  Of course I had to invite David from Tundra.  *smile*  CDW throws a great party too and they didn’t let us down.  I wore my new Calgary SpiceCorps T-shirt… by accident because I wore it to the party the day before and didn’t get a chance to sleep yet… or change… and got a lot of questions about it… this blog is just gonna be filled with pictures and thank-yous.

Shayne, Jason and Sina enjoying CDW hospitality at Calgary's Saltlik

Shayne, Jason and Sina enjoying CDW hospitality at Calgary’s Saltlik

I will give you all the same advice I gave to Jason in his struggle to meet the demands of a work-ation… only sleep every second day.  Start skipping a night of sleep on a monthly basis until you are used to it… then when you need to work for 48 hours straight you body isn’t fighting you for sleep.

The Edmonton and Calgary SpiceCorps are local user groups for geeks who are members of Spiceworks’ global community.  Spiceworks is a company out of Austin, Texas that built an application for network management, inventory, and help desk ticketing as well as the largest online community of professional technology users on planet earth.

CDW is an international technology reseller I have been using for over a decade.  Their USA company is a huge supporter of Spiceworks.

2 responses to “Trading off tech parties during work-ations

    • If that was the only thing all those kids were good for it would have been worth it. I can sleep though anything when I get a chance and can go days in a row without any when needed as well… I don’t mind all the other things they have done for me over the past 25 years either…

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