What Did We Do?


Quick question for you… What did we do before cell phones?  That is, if you still use it as a cell phone.  I just looked at my phone’s usage for today and I did the following with it…

  1. phone calls
  2. finished a TV episode on Amazon Prime I fell asleep on last night
  3. text messages
  4. online messages (with Slack, FB Messenger, and Signal)
  5. online maps
  6. added receipts to my finance app
  7. edit my onenote tracking sheet for work
  8. open help desk ticket to track work for a client
  9. reviewed security cameras at a client
  10. checked my email
  11. took a photo (or 8)
  12. played a couple games while waiting for an appointment
  13. watched a YouTube video
  14. checked out pictures from PJ2019… the jamboree where my three boys are
  15. currently listening to a podcast

There are a ton of additional things we can do on a phone and I would probably hit 30 if I tracked the things I did in the past week.  But what did we do when these things weren’t so readily available?

I love my nice Canon DSLR camera but it simply isn’t as quick to grab and take a quick photo.  And the video quality of my smart phone’s camera is right up there now.  Even in Disneyland last summer I took a lot of my pictures with my phone even though my camera was hanging off my neck most the time.

I feel guilty as a parent of nine kidlets that most of the videos I have are of the younger children because the technology to capture these videos simply wasn’t there 30 years ago when Chelsey, my oldest, was born.  There are clearly more videos on my computer of the younger kids but every once in a while, the older one’s make you grab a phone.  kinda like the time you picked up some kids from the bar and then had to pull over to let your daughter vomit out the door of your Durango…

Even 20 years ago the technology wasn’t this available.  But in the past decade, phones have become so powerful that they allow great quality videos and the touch of a few buttons.  This helps people with horrible memories like myself, to recall one of their kids saying some of the funniest things.  Thus giving you the opportunity to grab your camera and ask them to, “repeat that for dad”.  Here is Russel explaining where Ketchup comes from…

This week I came across a desire to grab my camera twice with my little princess, whom you might remember from one of her first online videos dancing with Dan the One Man Band at the 2013 Children’s Festival in St. Albert…

Cydnee was not just our last kid, but the princess that Stacey asked for in 1999 when she proceeded to have Raimond, Randal, Rembrandt, and then Russel.  One more girl was all she wanted.  So there is probably something special about finally getting the girl that shouldn’t have been… after Kidlet #8 almost killed her during delivery and we were told not to do that again.  I have often wondered where I would be had God just answered her request with a 19 year old Cydnee instead of giving us four more boys first.  He answers prayers in His own way for sure.  But enough of my ADHD tonight…

Right from the get go, that little princess has made me thankful for the power of smart phones.

So I find myself wondering how to document the amazing memories that I have now, of my older kidlets.  What Did We Do before technology allowed us to archive their lives in digital form?

Even with the mass of digital videos and images I have captured, I can’t imagine how many times I have taken one of these videos and never shared it with anyone… even my wife.  But twice in the past week I caught myself taking a quick video of Cydnee.  Here she is asking me about the meaning of a pretty famous holiday even though it’s not one we celebrate in our home…

This is what I caught last night.  Just another snippet of what you will likely see at her wedding someday…

This little girl absolutely LOVES Train… I mean I have watched or heard Bruises every day for six months.  She listens to others like Pink and Maroon 5 but she sure loves Andy Grammer’s Honey I’m Good.  If you are a fan as well, you might like the slower version too… I have to go look for this guy’s tour schedule and buy some tickets…

I would love to finish with Andy Grammer but I have to post a couple videos about Cydnee’s Happy Monica…

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