Let’s see if Albertan’s have learned anything…

three clowns indeed.

three clowns indeed.

Let’s see if Albertan’s have learned anything, let’s also see if the rest of the country was paying attention.


I don’t even agree with the numbers being that high but they aren’t good… i reallly loved her hat though. *smile*

In last year’s Alberta provincial election, the 40-year reign of the PC party had to come to an end and it did.  They had done a lot of stupid things of late but the two biggies was the backdoor dis-assembly of the official opposition (which should have landed someone in jail in my opinion) and the budget release.  To release a budget punishing everyone with a school-aged child and simultaneously trying to open doors to dissolve home schooling in the most educationally-free province in Canada was not wise.  I was forced to vote against PC for the first time in a long time as a father of 9 kidlets… absolutely forced.

I would have simply looked like an idiot for voting PC with a family and that seemed like an unwise position to put me in for a political party.

So the reigning opposition got itself a new leader and made a run at the legislature but with no confidence in the people, there was really only one party left, and the province turned orange over night.  I am still a little shocked.  I realize now that I will have to do something grand to ensure that they don’t get a second term.  Their track record in other provinces shows that the provincial economy broke down when the NDP start their “party plan” in their second term… and it really never stops the slide of insanity with things like provincial insurance among others.  Hopefully Albertan’s wake up before they are no longer an economic power on this continent.

The NDP party really doesn’t have a clue how to rule for a people of free minds.  We like capitalism and free enterprise.  Don’t we?  I mean some of us are liberal but those people actually like the idea of free enterprise, if not the actual implementation.

Well that is the question Canada because it is your turn to vote.

it scares me that the NDP are so philosophically different than I want my leader to be

it scares me that the NDP are so philosophically different than I want my leader to be

I find myself in the exact same position as last year.  I don’t want to vote PC because Harper has said that I need to pay $2500 in extra taxes next year because my kids are no longer a deduction.  I remember doing taxes and not having a line to put down that I still have six kidlets at home eating, showering, playing… well, costing me lots of money.

Find your $5 Billion somewhere else dammit!  I have given enough.

So now who do I vote for?  The Liberal party is being led by a Trudeau.  Forget that his dad tried to destroy Alberta and did so much wrong during his reign that I will never forget his last name, this kid has never had a job.  He is a salesman alright, but who can he sell to in his $1 Million car?  I mean besides Quebec?  At least Pierre seemed to actually love Canada.  Justin seems to love himself and want the life of a retired politician.

So if I am sitting here thinking that I can’t vote PC as almost every Canadian family is, and I can’t vote for the spoiled brat running the Liberal party, who is left to send a message to the PC party?  Oh dear God, we are here again!  NOOOOO!

Are we ready for the hard decisions?

Are we ready for the hard decisions?

So now I have to do something insane.  I have to beg borrow and educate enough people that the extra taxes today are temporary.  Voting NDP will turn our country upside down on an international front and our tax burden will see an increase for a generation or more to pay for this election.

So , Canada, please look at what the NDP have done for provinces like BC, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan (who finally had to create their own “Saskatchewan” party to start a road to recovery).

Before you vote NDP, please go back to whatever old saying fits you best… the lesser of two evils… the devil I know… but please do not punish my children for your ignorance.  I have always been a big fan of trying to get more voters to the polls but if you aren’t willing to do some reading or research, please don’t vote with emotions.  My children and my country might not be able to recover in my lifetime.

teach-a-man-to-fishIf you want to comment on my politics, that is fine.  If you want to comment on your love of the NDP party, go for it.  If you want to complain that I called you ignorant, keep that crap to yourself.

I did not call you ignorant, I said do not punish my children for your ignorance.  If you truly love the NDP and a socialist government, a crippled economy and a social welfare state, then keep voting for them.  But if you are voting NDP to teach the PC party a lesson just like so many Albertan’s did last year, then your ignorance is going to be a problem for me.  You should probably stop reading my blog posts because they are not going to get any less hard for you to swallow in the near future.

As an aside, if you aren’t convinced that Canadian politics is as scary and funny as I am convinced they are getting, this election is so messed up, I would actually consider voting for Wyatt Scott for Prime Minister if he was running in this election!  (thanks to Steve for introducing me to this crazy canuck!)

The only hope we really have is if Melvin runs for parliament!


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