This May be the Dumbest Blog Post I Ever Wrote.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed in life and had so much to do that you just had no clue where to start?  I promised myself I would add to my blog with one hour of typing tonight before bed.  Well it is 2:42am, my alarm is going off in 5.5 hours and I just spent almost 30 minutes reading through all my drafts.   That’s right.  I haven’t written a single word in 30 minutes because I have almost a dozen blogs started and don’t know which one I want to work on the most.

As bad as all that is, here I am, writing about nothing.  That’s right.  I promised myself no matter how bad I wanted to write on any topic, when fingers stroked keys I would write whatever fell out of my brain in that moment.  Right now, my fingers are ranting about the “Save Draft” button.  Without it, you wouldn’t have had half the great reading material from my blog.  That made me laugh typing it.

At the same time, if there was no Draft feature, I would have been forced to finish the Canadian Tire blog a week ago.  The one I wanted to write about my siblings would have made you realize, like you were convinced already, that I am not that great of a person.  I am not even as great as I think I am and that is setting the bar pretty low in some areas.  In other areas I am downright amazing though… lets not get too carried away eh?

28_resist-the-draftI have a couple of blogs started about Scouting that will be awesome reads… if they ever get finished.

I have to say though, since I started blogging, and stopped sleeping, I have been getting way more done in my home life, my career, and my volunteer work.  My boss has been vocally commending me on some of the work I have accomplished lately and I was trying hard to figure out what the difference was in my life that was making me want to be more organized, allow me to find more spare time in days that already had too much crammed into them, and actually enjoy the end result.

I may have been working a lot more hours, taking the bus to work more (turns a 60 minute drive there and back into a 3.5 hour bus ride) and doing more for scouts, my wife, my children and my boss, but how am I doing it?  The only things that have really changed over the past few months are…

  1. I traded my 7 hours a night of sleep for 4.5 on average
  2. I have been eating healthier because my wife packs me a container of whatever we had for supper so I can have a good meal at work tomorrow (of course I only remember this container every second day)
  3. I have been thinking of exercising… I haven’t actually done any yet but I am building up to it… slowly
  4. I have been blogging

The 4 hours a night of sleep is something i have done more or less for the past 25-30 years.  Suddenly I am super focused though.  Can’t be that big of an impact in my mind, but it can take some of the credit.

Eating healthier probably has as much to do with my wife being my goto girl as me consciously saying no to the 4th donut at the office and actually asking nice for the guys to stop buying them.  Getting rid of 5000-10,000 calories and about 1/2 lb of sugar each day can’t be bad for me.

The thought of losing 40 lbs really makes me smile inside.  All that smiling is exercise after all.

Then there is the blogging.  Writing has always made me smile.  wow… more exercise!  I just decided to copy/paste one of my poems to the back of this blog (if I remember).  My wife has always been such an encouraging force in my life.  Without her I would absolutely not be the man I am today.  Stacey did not “complete me” as the famous movie quote says.  She absolutely built me from the ground up.  There was nothing to complete because I needed too much work in the first place.  She started from scratch and tried to build the perfect man.  A for effort… solid C+ for the result.

All this writing has allowed me to be a much calmer and happier person.  I have been reading to the boys each night; playing card games with them several nights a week; and even helping around the house a little more.  I have also found some time to work on the basement and my office (there is a lot to do down there).  I also found time to learn how to Deep Fry turkeys!  And then I found time to Blog about that experience.  And then I also found time to put up another blog about the perfect turkey.

28_draft-buttonMaybe the Draft button is going to help me remember some great blog in my future.  Today, I am going to finish any blog and get to sleep.


So this blog was saved as a draft a couple of weeks ago.  I now have 15 drafts and am trying to post a blog every day.  Some days, with work and volunteering this simply isn’t possible… but today, i post the dreaded “draft” blog!  Enjoy.

UPDATE: 2016-04-15


For the first time in several months my published blog posts have surpassed my drafts!  Woohoo!

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